ZipID provides specialised ID verification solutions for the mortgage industry. ZipID is 100% owned by Equifax (formerly known as Veda), Australia’s leading provider of credit information and analysis. Customers use data intelligence provided by Equifax to make decisions on credit risk, verify identity and employee background, and reduce identity theft and fraud.

The current ID process lacks consistency, is paper heavy and not broker-friendly. This causes brokers unnecessary delays and frustration.

The ZipID Mobile App helps make ID easy by simplifying this process.

No more issues with poor quality image capture, spending time collating different documents, concerns around protecting your client’s private information or submitting ID information to a lender that is incomplete or not compliant. Avoid unnecessary delays to your client’s application by following the simple workflow on ZipID’s Mobile App.

Whenever and wherever you meet your client, you can now capture your client’s ID information in one high quality ID report (PDF format) the first time.

The ZipID App contains a prompted workflow that guides you through a structured ID check process, capturing true copies of your client’s ID documents, as well as their signature and photo.

The App then instantly returns to you a single ZipID Report (PDF) containing all of the ID information required for sending to your chosen lender. You can then submit the ZipID report as a supporting document using your normal process or use the information captured in the ZipID report to complete the lender’s application.

All data is securely stored and easily retrieved by you through a simple portal at no cost to you or your client.

The ZipID App workflow allows you to create a VOI/AML compliant ZipID App Report (PDF) that can be submitted as the ID supporting document to any lender.

Once you have determined which lender is right for your client, and you have correctly completed the ZipID App workflow you now need to select a lender and download the report. This step can be repeated to select an alternative lender.

The ZipID Mobile App securely protects all of your client’s personal information.  Unlike taking photos with your phone, using the ZipID Mobile App means none of your client’s ID documents are stored on the camera roll.

The ZipID Mobile App combines your client’s ID documents, evidence you met face to face and the broker declaration in a single ZipID App Report (PDF). This Report is returned to you instantly via email and a copy stored in your ZipID account for convenient future use.

Simply submit the ZipID Report as a supporting document using your normal process. Alternatively, use the information captured in the ZipID Report to complete the lender's application

To ensure a successful appointment, we recommend preparing your client in advance to ensure they have the right documents available at the meeting and understand the process you need to follow.

All the data is stored in Australia for 9 years and is available for you anytime in a searchable archive.

ZipID provides secure storage of the data for 9 years in a fully searchable archive. All data is encrypted by ZipID using AES-256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is the same level of encryption used by lending banks and government agencies.

ZipID’s privacy protocols in relation to the collection, storage and handling of personal information are designed to strictly satisfy the highest public expectations for our service and the principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

ZipID can be reached on 1300 073 744 or email support@zipid.com.au if you need any assistance using the App.

You need a username and password in order to sign into the ZipID Mobile App. Most brokers already have an account that was set up by your aggregator, but if you’re having trouble signing in or this is your first time signing in we recommend:

  1. Click the forgotten password link; or
  2. Create a new registration for ZipID

If you’re still having issues please call ZipID on 1300 073 744 or email support@zipid.com.au for further assistance.

Yes, the ZipID Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android.

If you cannot meet with your customer in person you may be able to satisfy your lender’s ID requirements through the use of ZipID’s ‘come to you’ agency service.

One of ZipID’s trained mobile representatives can meet with your client at a time and location that suits them to perform a secure ID check and return to you a completed ZipID Report (PDF).

Some of the lenders that are currently accepting and paying for the use of the ZipID Agency Service are Macquarie, ING DIRECT, AMP, Pepper Money, Bank Australia, Newcastle Permanent, Bank of Sydney, Teachers Mutual Bank, Bluestone, AFG, Qudos, Columbus Capital, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Red Zed, Southern Cross Credit Union and more! Please speak to your BDM with these lenders if you would like to participate.

If you would like to use the ZipID agency service for a lender who is not on this list, you will need to confirm with that lender if this will satisfy their requirements. If so, the fee is $59 per person and payment is taken by credit card at the time the booking is made. You will need to contact our customer service team on 1300 073 744 if you’re interesting in using this service.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not to be confused with the ZipID Mobile App that you can submit to ANY Lender

If you have any further questions about the ZipID agency service please call ZipID on 1300 073 744 or email support@zipid.com.au for further assistance.

To set a user up on your account please email your request to support@zipid.com.au with the user’s name, phone number and email address. The request must be made by the primary contact of the account.

To update any of your details please email them to support@zipid.com.au